Software programmer is responsible for developing advanced applications to aid visualisation in geotechnical analyses for three dimensional finite element models.


Job descriptions

  1. Involves the creative development of existing products and new applications mainly on the Windows platform.
  2. Work closely with team members to define the software requirements and technical architecture
  3. Make sure the software and system architectures are in synchronization
  4. Take part in the initial planning of software workflow.
  5. Incorporate a variety of different functions for visualisation.
  6. Maintains historical records by documenting program development and revisions.
  7. Prepares reference for users by writing operating instructions.
  8. Contact with users to discover the needs for further developments.
  9. Drafting technical specification for software projects.
  10. Update the software to remain current.


Job requirements

The candidate must possess:

  1. Experience with multiple languages and technology, including HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Java, CSS, Microsoft.NET, Mobile Web, SQL and MySQL
  2. Knowledge of the most current C++/C# programming techniques
  3. Knowledge of mesh generation and computational geometry.
  4. Good knowledge of working on object-oriented, full life-cycle software development projects, including analysis, development and testing
  5. Good knowledge of .NET libraries and technology e.g. Window Presentation Foundation (WPF).
  6. Good knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio environment.
  7. Experience with architecture and design, including formulating design documents
  8. Experience with visual programming concepts.
  9. Understanding of XML-based web applications and programming, XHTML programming
  10. Strong verbal and visual communications skills.
  11. Positive attitude with good multitasking and organizational ability.
  12. Ability to work well under the pressure of tight deadlines and changing demands.
  13. At least 2-years??? professional experience as full-time programmer.


Degree/Diploma in related Information Technology related field.

To apply for this position, please email your Resume to