Server Engineer is responsible for implementing, maintaining, debugging and optimizing code for numerous server-side systems. Examples of responsibilities include load balancing, logging, performance optimization, low-level networking and security systems. You have to work closely with other engineers and designers to make our products awesome.


Job descriptions

  1. Work with team leads and designers to define server performance requirements for the developed products.
  2. Implement, maintain, optimize and debug code for different systems on the server.
  3. Improve software pipelines, working closely with other engineers, to increase overall team productivity.
  4. Facilitate communication between engineering, design, and other departments.


Job requirements


The programmer must:

  1. Possess knowledge of the most current C++/C# programming techniques.
  2. Have good knowledge of technology.
    1. TCP, UDP, HTTP
    2. Web security
    3. Understand test-driven development
    4. Load balancing algorithm
  3. Excellent debugging, optimization and networking skills especially in distributed / multithreaded environment.
  4. A deep knowledge of client/server systems, performance trade-offs, and best-practices.
  5. Strong experience building high-load server infrastructure.
  6. Have a working knowledge of FTP (file transfer protocol)
  7. Have strong verbal and visual communications skills.
  8. Excellent organization and time-management skills.
  9. Understanding of how to work on large teams in a deadline-driven environment.
  10. At least 3-years??? related professional experience.


Nice to Have:

  1. MSc/BSc in Computer science
  2. Familiarity with Apache server is helpful
  3. Familiarity with Joomla!
  4. Experience in electronic billing system


Good Mathematics skills (A Level and above)


To apply for this position, please email your Resume to